It is a tent of RIVA Yamaha Motor Co., Ltd..

Super-stock which had been exhibited in boothIt is GP-R.

Might the note of SOLD OUT be hung and who buy it?





This is an engine room of the ship on.

It is a red version of GP-R.

As for an old image color of the road racing works color of Yamaha Motor Co., Ltd., parentheses thought red which was red to be good.




It is TZ800, and [it] seems not to be able to use it with IJSBA tour because [it] is not sold in the United States.
IJSBA seems to have put out the use permission by saying the world final.
differ from the group in the country somewhere

TZ800 it, and having the combat power enough even if a top speed and the corner speed are seen if matches such as the scope gate, pumps, and impellers become the best as (cabi) does not advance as for dropping of the speed in running of the undertow.