Victor "Slasher" Sheldon

1200ran 7st, ski 3rd


← Heat 2 and inner lane. (There is Jeff ahead. )

[It] continues as it is with the Inn and the outside lane in the state of (*dango*).



In ski, battle with the fish was seeing in Heat 1 in Mack and Heat 2.
Victor of this year variously made the showing scene.
Is it only me that it seems that [it] changed into an obedient way to get on after the ship turns into Yamaha Motor Co., Ltd.?

ヒート1でのマックとのバトル。 ヒート2でのフィッシュとのバトル。 イン、アウトコースの合流で。 

1200 runners are done battle as the fish.
Prompt is insufficient for 1200 runners GP-R other than Nicholas now.