There was a happening of which Nicholas were not able to go out to final Heat 2 to disqualify in the skiing class.

[It] starts and Nicholas are stopping in the vicinity of the final buoy of an inside outside lane which the star player joins one after another by the first confluence in a top group.; The engine cannot be started because (dazarcord) flies, it is torn off, and does not exist at hand.;
Though Nicholas come there by the ship of the rescue, appeal many times when it is necessary to pass (dezarcord); Nicholas began to run by being one "go go go" depriving the rescue boat of (dezarcord) because there was no reason where the rescue had preliminary (dezarcord).;


 It is a team Nicholas formation in the challenge with the race director two Heat ahead.

      1200 runners are leaving others far behind from the hall shot.



Service shot

桃も桃も桃も桃も桃も桃も桃も桃も桃も桃も桃も桃も桃も桃も桃も桃も桃も桃も桃桃もTeam shirt of (*rius*) and staff who wears it?

[It] enjoys it when clicking.