Chris MacClugage

Pro Ski superstock results is 2nd. Pro Runabout 1200 superstock results is 1st.

On the skis, Nicholas and a sublime battle can be seen by their eyes, and goose bumps left the battle to which popularity falls by a player's nonparticipation and better ?? matches a jet sport in the skiing class of several years [ here ] in which only ?E?L better ??A has a way of speaking at the ?W?F?g skiing convention before name change. I thought if Jeff is merely in this battle.

the inside of that wave on which Mac who runs a head with a back straight has protected charge from Nicholas's back repeatedly -- almost -- full open -- running -- ?U?E (both persons are ?L?`?K?Cs) -- this battle is developed also with MOTO1 and MOTO2 -- having -- ?U?E


A runner 1200 is in Mac's runaway state.

1998 year photo or 1997 year photo