1200 runners are the 1st place of synthesis. Skiing did not appear in heat 2, and although the heat 1 which is the 12th place of synthesis was the 5th place, it did not come out in why.

Each heat of 1200 runners is the 1st place of synthesis in the 2nd place. Although a battle with the number 1 of Italy occurs although the top was run till the final stage, and this was blocked numbers of very exciting rounds in heat 1, finally it was omitted by the number 1 of Italy.

Italian which is the moment of being extracted and which Mac goes to out by the choice course, and ITARIAN goes into an inside corner, is located in a line at the goal, and is in an inn side -- it remains as it is -- it passed A goal was made by the run by which Italian .Mac also went into defence as it is also after that.

this is looking, it was very interesting, and it came out and that player that a paddle hull is satisfactory for and performed side by side began
uncanny until now, although most of this class was a start or deployment monotonous only by being decided by the option course this year -- it was interesting

(It is marked by the Italian heat 2, and is inserted into both the sides at team KAWASAKI, double reverse injection is received at a start, and they are the 4th place of synthesis at the last target which is Tail end.)