Chris "Mack attack"MAC CLUGAGE

Ski the 2nd place and the 2nd the 1200th runner place.

[It] delays starting in Heat 2 because of the start and the second synthesis place in the fourth place though thought that they take the world title by passing in the top by Heat 1 in skiing.

It is a hall shot in the outside lane of Heat 1.

The straight line is opening in the home strike rate by the leg turn completely. Do though [it] does not understand why to put out the foot?


@Heat 2 drops the pace and is a goal

This is Mack who takes off all wear after [it] ends of 1200 runners and faces the commendation stand.
When transfering the register the desire as part from Kawasaki momentarily by the act by which this wear is taken off because of Yamaha Motor Co., Ltd., I : because I took off all wear from the commendation stand.


The HAVAS conger of this year was terrible and was hot, and do it say that sunlight was stronger than it was said that it was hot or were it such the weather, and did you want to take it off early therefore?